Universal 5-Inch Outdoor Light Stakes for C9 or C7 Light Sockets

Universal 5-Inch Outdoor Light Stakes for C9 or C7 Light Sockets


The perfect outdoor Christmas light stakes to light and cheer your holidays by illuminating your walkway with warm charms. Measuring 5 inches, these are designed with a point allowing them to be easily hammered into the ground. Line your sidewalks, driveways and landscape perimeters for a clean holiday look. These stakes securely hold C7, C9, or mini LED light strings with a firm-grasp-build for a fast and easy pull-up after the holidays.


Heavy-duty resin material makes these stakes durable for use year after year.. To ensure that nothing obstructs the view of the bulb from any direction, the stakes are designed to hold/attach the bulbs on top of the stakes. Simply attach the bulb to one end of the stake and stick the other end into the ground.


These light stakes are more than just Christmas lights stake for your driveways and walkways but can also be used to spice up your landscaping during Halloween and other holidays. Light stakes are also a great tool for camping that not only lights up the campsite but can also be used to designate the camps, or even in the decors of weddings or evening parties.


These stake lights are designed for outdoor use and are weather resistant. Our commercial grade stakes keep your lights secure all season long. With just a little bit of imagination, you can easily tweak your holiday decor and display into looking bigger and brighter. Whether it is using it against the canvas of your landscape for mesmerizing yard-art, or artfully placing it in the driveways to lighten it up, there are endless possibilities you can do with this simple yet versatile tool.

For those who've had already purchased and used our C9 Stake lights, they'd say that these stakes are the final touch of perfection for a spectacular finish. Works with SPT1 Gauge Wire.